About us

Let’s introduce ourselves!​
insigh.io is an open end-to-end hardware & software platform that interconnects heterogeneous IoT devices, collects data, shares knowledge and aids on decision making processes. We bring into play new hardware and software, aiming at lowering the barrier for new users to enter the IoT market and existing users to maintain and expand their fleet.

The Team

Antonis Gotsis
Co-Founder & CEO
Nikos Ftylitakis
Co-Founder & CTO
Kostas Balampekos
Partner & Data Analyst


Cool, but why is another IoT platform needed?

Well, there are several reasons. First of all, deploying an end-to-end IoT solution requires a complex set of hardware & software skills: electronics, wireless connectivity, embedded programming, back-end and front-end development. Furthermore, the IoT ecosystem involves different types of actors leading to a highly disparate environment: service providers, application developers, telecom operators, cloud providers, public authorities, device manufacturers, maker communities.

Thus, a new fully-open device at minimum cost is needed, which can be deployed with minimum prior know-how from the end-user, operate unattended in the field, and provide an easy-to-use management and visualization stack towards truly commoditizing IoT. Eventually, it’s mandatory to have an early, accurate and common way to measure, assess, analyse, predict, and eventually optimize the end-to-end IoT performance, addressing the complete hardware and software ecosystem stakeholders: from chipset manufacturers to application developers and end-users.

So, how can we fix this?

To tackle these issues, insigh.io offers a generic, open and low-cost end-node compatible with most popular:
empowered with capabilities for:
whose data is easily accessible and analyzed through:
and can be applied to various verticals:

What about open hardware and software?​

No problem at all, we have taken care of this, by delivering:

Is there something for you in insigh.io?

Yes, if you are:

Stay tuned!