Our IoT platform allows for full administration of your IoT fleet, as well as visualization of measurements and provision of actionable insights

Stay tuned, our platform will be available for a demo soon!

In the meantime, you may check our IoT nodes or contact us for more information.

Features in a Nutshell

Administration panels for nodes

All the tools you need to manage your fleet, from multi-device operations to per-device controls and detail views

Remote health check and OTA updates

Periodic querying of end devices for system vital information and monitoring of firmware update requests

Measurement dashboards

Configurable graphs and gauges with access to raw data and meta-data for live views and trend identification

Predictive maintenance

Device behavior patterns help to identify operation deviations which are early signs of required maintenance

Alarms for unexpected events

Smart alerts based on configured rules or auto-detected events

Inherent security features

End-to-end data encryption through TLS with reverse proxies for access control and per-device authorization through unique API keys

Open APIs for advanced users

Multi-protocol APIs allowing smooth integration with 3rd-party applications (REST, MQTT, WebSockets and more)

On-premises or cloud deployment

Our managed cloud deployment is the quickest way to get started, while on-premises deployment is always an option for special needs